We are serious about the safety and security of your personal information. Keeping your information confidential and secure is our top priority, whether we notarize a true copy of a driver’s license or swearing an affidavit.
We have written this Privacy Policy/Terms of Service to set out how we intend to store and keep your information confidential and secure, as well as other terms governing the provision of our services.
The use of www.vizibuniess.com and the services provided by Vizibuniess LLC are governed by this Privacy Policy/Terms of Service.

Your Privacy Rights

All businesses engaged in commercial activities must comply with the Florida Information Protection Act (FIPA) and the Notary National Association Code of Conduct. Vizibusiness LLC complies with these legal obligations.

What personal information will you collect?

Vizibusiness LLC provides notarization and commissioning services to the public. A notary/commissioner’s job is identifying who requests these services. You will be asked to provide your first and last name, telephone number, and email address to access our services. The purpose of collecting this information is to ensure we can contact you in case of a privacy breach.

When we notarize documents, we will:

1. Scan a copy of your government-issued photo identification.
2. Scan a copy of your notarized documents.
3. Scan a copy of your signed notary services agreement.
This information will be held securely using Google Drive. We will keep your personal data for three years and irretrievably destroy our copy of your notarized document and photo identification. We will keep your signed permission statement on file for ten years. We further encrypt the information when the documents are stored on Google Drive.

Are you providing legal services?

Vizibusiness LLC does not provide legal advice, nor does it draft documents on behalf of a client. Our services are limited to the notarization of documents, administering oaths, affirmations and solemn declarations, certification of copied documents, and the witnessing of agreements. The presentation of information on this website is not legal advice, nor should it be relied on.


We will ask you to sign a notary services agreement that summarizes this policy. This notary services agreement will include language authorizing us to collect and keep certain pieces of private, confidential information about you.

Use of Your Information

After your appointment/visit, you may request an electronic copy of your document(s) to be sent via email. If you wish to order this service (at no extra cost), you will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging how email is not a secure means of communication that may be susceptible to hacking/phishing.
We will not, under any circumstances, send you a marketing email advertising our service. We will not sell your information to any third-party marketing services. We will email you if a security breach and third-party request for your documents.

Disclosure of your Personal Information

Vizibusiness LLC will disclose your personal information:
1. If required to do so by law (e.g., a warrant/subpoena).
2. When you have consented to the disclosure (you must request this in person).
If a request is made for your personal information, we will make all reasonable efforts to contact you to receive your permission. If we cannot reach you and you cannot attend in person to give consent, we will refuse all requests for your information unless required to do so by law enforcement.
If a validly issued warrant or court order requests the notarized document, we will only email to inform you such information has been turned over to the authorities. We will notify you as soon as it is reasonably practicable in the circumstances to ensure you have the right to file an objection in court.
It is your responsibility to update us about your current contact information.

Is My Personal Information Secure?

Vizibusiness LLC stores an electronic copy of your notarization package. Your notarization package includes the following: (1) a copy of your government-issued photo identification; (2) a copy of all notarized documents; and (3) a copy of your signed permission statement.
We do not keep any paper copies of your notarization package.


Emails are not a 100% secure method of communication. As such, when emailing us, please do not include any personal or confidential information. Moreover, as we are not providing legal advice, it will not be covered by lawyer-client confidentiality if you email us with information regarding a legal matter. If you describe a legal situation to us in an email, we may be legally required to disclose such information upon request by a court or opposing party without your consent.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Vizibusiness LLC may change this privacy policy without notice. Your transaction will be subject to the privacy policy in effect when your documents were notarized unless such changes have been made redundant or illegal by law or court order.


Our website may contain links to other websites not governed by this privacy policy.
While visiting www.vizibusiness.com, we monitor traffic patterns, site usage, and related information to optimize our website. We may provide aggregated generic information to third parties that do not include any personally identifiable information.


Vizibusiness LLC makes all reasonable efforts to protect your data. If your information is lost, stolen, or misused, Vizibusiness LLC shall inform you as soon as it is practicable in the circumstances. If your confidential information is lost, stolen, or misused, Vizibusiness LLC shall only be liable to the extent of the cost of our service provided to you. If your confidential information is lost, stolen, or misused through no fault of Vizibusiness LLC, you agree not to hold Vizibusiness LLC liable (i.e., Google suffers a server security breach). In every other lawsuit, Vizibusiness LLC shall only be responsible to the extent of the cost of our service provided to you.

Legal Jurisdiction

This Privacy Policy/Terms of Services shall be governed by the laws of the estate of Florida and the United Estated of America as applicable.

Limitation Period

Vizibusiness LLC and all parties using its services agree that any lawsuits alleging wrongdoing on behalf of Vizibusiness LLC shall be issued and served within one year after the wrongdoing or loss is discovered or may be reasonably assumed to be discoverable.


If any section of this Agreement is held by a court to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, such sections shall be reduced in scope only to the extent necessary. All other sections of this Privacy Policy/Terms of Service shall survive.

To Get Married In Florida

Only the couple can obtain their own Florida Marriage License in person before the wedding. Your officiant cannot get this for you; it is a legal document. Please allow enough travel time ( at least a few hours up to 1 full day before the wedding) to get your marriage license before the ceremony. Your wedding officiant will notarize and file it with the clerk of courts after the marriage to legalize your union.

Wedding Re-Scheduling

There is no fee for changing the date of your wedding AS LONG as it is within one year of the original booking, and we have confirmed the availability of your revised date, your 50% deposit has been paid, and your officiant and all other vendors that have been arranged for you are available on the new date. There is also no fee for changing your wedding location from Maine to Florida or from Florida to Maine.

Venue Fee

All wedding venues, such as a Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Beach Resort, Church, Chapel or Botanical Gardens, etc., will require advance reservations and additional venue fees to reserve them for your wedding. All In One Weddings can help you find the perfect location to suit your individual style, wedding theme, and overnight accommodation wishes. Many of the beaches and parks will simply require a permit fee and parking fee. Venue fees vary and are NOT included in the prices listed on this website. Your venue fee will be paid directly to them.

Inclement Weather Policy For Outdoor Florida Weddings

Every outdoor wedding event, at some point in time, is at the risk of being impacted by inclement weather. Because of the nature of our business, we understand the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Hand in hand with preparation, our main concern rests with the safety of our clients, guests, staff, and equipment.

If your wedding will be affected by an imminent weather event, please note that the following policies will be implemented at once:
You will be offered the option to reschedule to a date and/or timeline when we can retain the full package options of your original contract.
This may mean simply moving the date and / or time ahead or behind the weather pattern by one or more days / or even by only a few hours.

Your wedding professional will make that determination for you based on the forecast and the schedule for the remainder of your stay.
Unfortunately, if you do not have the flexibility to extend your stay for rescheduling due to weather delays and there has not been an alternate indoor venue as a backup, your original contract date and time will be forfeited.

In the event that you DO prefer to move forward with the ceremony at the contracted date and time, and YOU have arranged through your hotel, guest house, rental house, or reception site to allow an INDOOR wedding on the premises, we will accommodate that request. Please keep in mind that there may be an additional travel fee based on our additional mileage to the new, alternative indoor venue.

Mobile Notary Public and Weeding Ceremonies Traveling Fees

Travel fees from 33025: $25 within 33025; $25 within 5 miles; $35 within 10 miles; $45 within 15 miles; $55 within 20 miles; $65 within 25 miles – more than 25 miles, please call for pricing.


Notary Public: Travel fees are non-refundable if the signer cancels the notarization while the Notary is in transit to the appointment or cannot complete the notarization due to the signer’s action.

Weddings Officiant and Planning Packages: If you find that you must cancel your wedding date and a new date has not been determined within one year of the original booking, your payment will be forfeited.